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Blue Kite Shareholders Network is the online platform for shareholder & investor relations management for Blue Kite Holdings Limited. Through the platform, we enable shareholders & investors to keep track of the detailed financial performance of the organization as per the IFRS & IAS accounting standards. Further, we highlight our future plans & forecasts to instill shareholder & investor confidence for the long term.

Why You Should Become An Investor:

If you are not already an investor or shareholder in Blue Kite Holdings, you could be missing out one of the best investment opportunities in Africa while it is still in its nascent stages. Our selection of industries such as intellectual property & new generation technologies matched with strategies such as data & design, have seen us emerging as one of the companies to watch in the twenty first century in the East African region. 

Our strategies also see us not only have a global reach, but also attract global talent giving us a superior advantage in the market.

Blue Kite Holdings also prides itself with building some of the most ethical teams in the region which guarantees investors & shareholders that we always uphold our fiduciary duties & responsibilities.

Currently, the organization is floating convertible bond & redeemable share debt instruments through its platforms on: AngelList, Pitchbook, Crunchbase & OurCrowd Fund.

Share Classes:

For efficient management, Blue Kite Holdings shares are classified as follows:

1. Class A Shares: Blue Kite Investment Group and Bueths & Kurt CDA.

2. Class B Shares: Blue Kite Investment Group, Blue Kite Oreem and Business Strategists & Custodians.

3. Class C Shares: Unlisted.

Blue Kite Holdings is financially managed by CBIS, a member company of its subsidiary Business Strategists & Custodians. An elected Board of Directors oversees the performance of all staff & operations.

Auditing is done by Fort River Side Auditors.


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